Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How To Spot Fake Boston SEO Companies And Keep Your Money Safely In Your Pocket!!!

Choosing a SEO company can get very tricky if you are new to online marketing. There is a growing demand for these services and as such there are some crooks who want to cash in on fame. Newbies are susceptible to getting conned by these fellows. For you to avoid getting to scammed by these fake Boston SEO companies, you need to keep an eye for tell-tale signs of a scam artist. This article highlights them in great detail.

1. The companies are very vague about their services

Fake Boston SEO companies will make ludicrous statements in a bid to convince you that they are up for the job. They make really grandiose statements that are not verifiable. You will notice right away that when you ask the owners a direct question they will try to skirt around it without offering a clear answer.

2. They have a lot complaints against

Thanks to the internet, one can tell whether a company has a lot of complaints lodged against. You can tell the reliability of Boston SEO companies by the negative reviews they have received on review sites or on business sites like bbb.org. Before you hire any company, you have to ascertain its suitability by the way its past customers have reacted towards it.

3. No testimonials on their website

As long as any Boston SEO companies don’t have testimonials on their website, then they can be described as fake.

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